Harry Potter Golden Snitch 3oz Silver Coin


Struck from 3oz of pure silver with 24ct gold plating, it has been carefully struck in the shape of the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter.

First Strike Edition. This coin is #47 of only 250 worldwide!!

The theme speaks for itself, honouring the Wizarding World’s most famous sport – Quidditch.

But it is the technical process that is most astounding, taking over a whole year to develop with five integral stages. It is key to note that Mints do not declare their processes as they are closely guarded secrets, but we do know the stages of development:

  1. Digital recreations of the Golden Snitch are made, which is then struck out of pure .999 Silver twice to achieve the required detail
  2. 24 carat gold-plating is applied to the Golden Snitch body and then painstakingly polished to create the raised edges
  3. The Samoa (legal tender) Coat of Arms is applied via Water Transfer Printing Techniques
  4. The wings are then carefully plated in 24ct gold and polished to give the appearance of feathers
  5. The wings are attached using a specialist welding technique. This keeps the coin incredibly strong, meaning it can be handled without (too much) fear of breaking!


  • Country of Issue: Samoa
  • Year of Issue: 2022
  • Coin Diameter: N/A
  • Coin Weight: 3oz
  • Metal:.999 Silver and 24ct Gold-plate
  • Finish: Proof-like
  • Edition limit: 2,022
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