Why authenticate your J. K. Rowling signature with Harry Potter Collectables?

J. K. ROWLING’S SIGNATURE is probably one of the most forged signatures in the collectable and rare book market today. A lot of these forgeries are obvious fakes but over the years some forgers have become very good in their attempts to forge J.K. Rowling’s signature.

Some have even gone as far as replicating the holographic sticker J.K. Rowling started to use as a means to authenticate her own signature. See the image on the right for a prime example.

Harry Potter Collectables Authentication Service was created to provide private collectors, buyers, booksellers, auction houses, etc. with the highest level of confidence possible (and peace of mind) that they possess or are about to buy an authentic J. K. Rowling signature.

We have worked closely with collectors, buyers, booksellers, and auction houses over the years and helped many avoid buying and selling counterfeit J. K. Rowling signatures.

We have made Harry Potter Collectables Authentication Service as convenient as possible for you to use. You won’t have to mail in your item for authentication. Some signed J.K. Rowling’s books can easily fetch five to six figures and we don’t want to lumber you with the anxiety and unncessary risk of mailing your item to us. It’s possible for us in most cases to authenticate J.K. Rowling’s signature as long as clear high resolution images are provided.

In the rare event that we do require you to mail an item into us, you can rest assured that we will not mark it in any way. Unlike other third-party authenticators we will not put any stickers or other marks of authentication in your books. This practice devalues and damages your book and is simply unncessary. With us you’ll receive a Certificate of Authenticity with its very own Certification Code which can be used to search our website for you authenticated item’s corresponding web page.

Another good reason to use us is that a lot of third-party authentication companies, even those who claim to be Harry Potter specialists, are unable to determine the difference between an authentic J. K. Rowling signature and one of the more sophisticated counterfeit examples.

So what are you waiting for?

Use our trusted Harry Potter Collectables Authentication Service with confidence.

Fake J.K. Rowling Signature

BEWARE! Just because a signed book comes with a hologram doesn’t guarantee that it’s the real deal.

Harry Potter Collectables Authentication Services.

HPC Rapid Authentication Service


Have our trusted opinion on any J. K. Rowling signature sent directly to your inbox via our Rapid Authentication Service.

If you’re looking to spend your hard earned cash on a book or other item signed by J.K. Rowling we recommend that you have the authenticity of the signature verified first using our HPC Rapid Authentication Service.

Simply send us a link to the book or other signed item you are thinking of buying if it is listed online or else send us some high resolution photos of the book or item including some of the signature.

We aim respond to your request within 24 hours.

Buy with confidence. Buy with Harry Potter Collectables.

Harry Potter Collectables Rapid Authentication Service

Send us a link to the signature in question or provide a high resolution photograph of the signature you’d like our opinion on.

Harry Potter Collectables Rapid Authentication Service

Our expert will thoroughly inspect your signature from images provided. Images should be high resolution. Please don’t crop out important features of the book in question.

HPC Certified Authentication Service



This is our premium HPC Certified Authentication Service for collectors, buyers, booksellers, and auction houses. We recommend obtaining full certified authentication for signed Harry Potter books in your collection or books that you are thinking of selling.

For our full Certified Authentication Service you first need to submit your item through our HPC Rapid Authentication Service to ascertain the signature is genuine. We will then give you the go ahead to purchase our HPC Certified Authentication Service.

You will receive a Certificate of Authentication with an assigned code that can be used to validate your certifate on our website.