Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone First Edition First Print 1997


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: First Edition First Print Gem

Exclusivity Meets Enchantment:

  • Journey back to where the magic began with this pristine Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone first edition, first print. A testament to literary history and Joanne Rowling’s groundbreaking debut, it’s a treasure every serious collector dreams of.

📖 Marks of Authenticity:

  1. Endorsement Enigma: The coveted Wendy Cooling blurb graces the cover.
  2. Sequential Significance: A complete number line (10 to 1) on the copyright page.
  3. Typos & Tales: The iconic double “wand” on page 53 and charming quirks like the “School of Wizardry and Witchcraft” misorder.
  4. Dumbledore’s Debut: A young, pipe-smoking Dumbledore illustration uniquely captured on the back.

🌟 Condition:

  • The book carries no library stamps or bookplates.
  • Barely visible surname of previous own on inside cover.
  • Some slight fraying to top of book cover and inner pages.
  • Slight ripe to edge of first four pages.
  • Slight age-induced toning on the page block aligns with the book’s era, courtesy of its humble paper stock.
  • Minimal signs of wear: Book looks to have been read once or twice at most.
  • Refer to photos for more clarity.

📚 Legacy & Lore:

  • In 1997, Joanne Rowling was still a budding author. Given the book’s paperback nature and its primary young audience, a staggering majority of the original small print run of 5,150 copies faced the wear and tear of eager hands and curious minds. But not this one.

💼 Investment and Inheritance:

  • Beyond its literary allure, this edition represents a tangible investment in cultural history. Its evergreen appeal ensures its value will only soar with time. As a tangible artifact of literary significance, it promises not only a return on investment but also a cherished heirloom, waiting to be passed down through generations.

🔒 Seize Your Spellbinding Story:

  • Much like the elusive Golden Snitch, opportunities like this are rare and fleeting. Secure this unparalleled piece of literary magic before it’s too late.
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